Types of businesses that could really benefit from VoIP

If you’re running a business, do you ever find your phone system frustrating and no longer capable of giving you what you need from it? Is it hampering your interactions with customers? Whilst changing your phone system can seem like something of a chore and always stay at the bottom of the to-do list, the benefits a VoIP system (where calls are made and taken over the internet) can bring makes the decision a real no brainer.

How does reduced costs, increase flexibility and functionality sound? These are just some of the benefits you’ll begin enjoying once you’ve made the move. Wondering if it’s the right fit for your sector? Whilst all of our systems are built to fit your business, here are just some of the industries already taking advantage of the savings and performance VoIP offers them….

Hospitality and tourism

If you’re working in tourism, then you’re bound to be affected by seasonality – you’ll likely be busier during the summer months and perhaps on specific days when bookings are greater or you’re handling changeovers. VoIP has you covered by:

1. If guests are after specific information (for example check-in times) you can set up an answering system that handles some of the most common questions you face, saving you valuable time by not having to answer the same question time after time.
2. When you’re busy you may find that you’re away from reception – calls can easily be diverted to your mobile or other numbers to ensure your guests always get a hold of someone, no matter how busy it gets.
3. Because you can easily add and remove handsets and numbers, a VoIP phone system can easily grow and slow as your business does during the changing of the seasons.


When it comes to the internet people are expecting immediate service; whether that’s someone on your Facebook chat or at the end of your phone. VoIP has you covered by:

1. You can easily set up an auto attendant which directs people to the right person – no matter if they’re after accounts, sales or support, they’ll get to the right person quicker – which is the name of the online game!
2. Wanting a non-geographical number for your burgeoning business? We can easily arrange this and connect it to your phone, giving you a company number rather than having to rely on the home number (which is where many online businesses begin).
3. If you’re in ecommerce, you’ll want to be maximising your margins. VoIP gives you the most cost-effective way of keeping your call and phone costs as low as possible, meaning every online sale makes more profit.

Family owned businesses

The vast majority of businesses in the South West are family owned or have less than five employees. The great news is that a lot of these enterprises are also growing – from one employee to five, to ten, to fifty and so on. As you grow your business it will ultimately have very different needs. VoIP has you covered by:

1. Easily allowing you to add phones and numbers as you grow, free from the large costs associated with adding new telephone lines to your office.
2. Once you have a VoIP number it’s yours; that means if you move to larger premises or offices you take the number with you – which is great for business continuity.
3. If you’re offering staff or other family members flexible working conditions then they can also easily take their number wherever they go – they just need to plug it in to an internet connection and it’s good to go, which is particularly effective if people work from home or need to be on call.

These are just a few examples, as so many different types of businesses can benefit from VoIP. To talk to our experienced and local team, please give us a call here at Equations on 01237 420010.

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