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Unified Communications

Have multiple offices, teams, or systems? We have the answer!

Unified Communications? All sounds very technical doesn’t it?

But what if there were a way to communicate and share information faster and more efficiently in your organisation? To bring together different offices, teams and personnel so they could seamlessly collaborate and share; whether through integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS, fax or video conferencing?

Unified communications is the answer.

So is Unified Communications
going to be appropriate for you?

If your organisation or staff are based in more than one location Unified Communications could help you by bringing together the different strands of your activity and allow you to significantly increase your productivity and efficiency.

Do you have a central office with separate sales, marketing and accounts departments, each working with different communication systems?

Perhaps you have several satellite offices or sales and service personnel on the road?
If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, we suggest you consider Unified Communications, and speaking to a member of our team who’ll be able to guide you through the benefits you could achieve.

What are you going to gain from a
Unified Communication Phone System?

Productivity is all about knowledge; the more your personnel know, the more they’ll be able to streamline their communication.

With Unified Communication you’ll always know:

• If staff are already on the phone before you call them
• Where staff are, whether that be on the road, in a meeting or on holiday.
• When staff are available and how you can contact them.

Is Unified Communications
just another phone system?

We know our onions when it comes to phone systems, but we’re also experts in integrating systems with and around your other activities. With our Unified Communications systems you’ll be able to enjoy audio and video conferencing, live meetings, desktop and document sharing.

Everything you need to collaborate and achieve more.

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