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Call Management

Missed calls; they can be frustrating for the person making the call and mean lost opportunities for the person unable to answer. Our call management can help improve your performance.

In reality there can be many different reasons your organisation misses a call, so how do you make sure you stop missing them?

Information is vital; you need to be able to immediately understand your performance and changes in call traffic so you’re able to perform better.

How can we help you do that?

At Equations we work with the NEC’s MyCalls system, and we’ve seen it improve the efficiency of many of our clients in recent years.

What does the
NEC MyCalls system do?

NEC’s MyCalls is a smart system that gives you up-to-the-minute, real-time information about what’s happening on your phones throughout the day. You’ll be able to control and manage call fluctuations, and respond positively to busy periods by adding extra staff.

We’re all about adding value; what results could you get?

Improve your customer service by answering more calls.

Monitor staff efficiency and have a better understanding of the staff numbers you really need answering the phones.

Be immediately aware of levels of unanswered calls and those exceeding your allotted answering time (for example, three rings)

Have the information at hand to help solve disputes; if you have automatic call recording then messages are saved and can be played back or exported for emailing.

Looking for a personal service from a team that will really add value to your phone systems? You’re looking for Equations Voice and Data.

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