Improving call performance for GP Surgeries

Getting through to a GP surgery can be stressful for both patients and staff. The phone can’t always be answered and there may be multiple patients trying to get through at once, particularly at the beginning of a day. Whilst we can’t fix the problem through extra staff, we can help through an advanced system which monitors the activity on your phones, allowing you to know exactly what’s going on at all times and respond accordingly.

The System
NEC MyCalls is a smart system that provides you with information about your phones and the calls coming through. This real-time information can help you understand what is happening and allow you to manage fluctuations appropriately. The software displays an easy to understand report on your desktop, so you can know what is going on as it happens. This means you can make adjustments as circumstances change rather than knowing there was a problem historically when it is already far too late. With exception reporting, you can get on with the day job and just get a pop-up or email notification when there is a problem. You can pre-define the parameters, maybe all lines in use or abandoned calls, there are multiple activities that can all be tracked in the background. We set all this up for you, all we need is to understand the alerts that would be useful. As things develop, we can easily add and amend reporting as required.

In order to understand the levels of staff you need, any issues with your performance and the level of call care you’re giving patients you need to have some thorough monitoring in place, and this is exactly what the NEC MyCalls system provides.

Find out the average wait time that your patients face, discover the number of abandoned calls, see the average call time. As well as this, the system can also track the performance of individual extensions.

We understand that in the health industry, disputes can arise. Should a difference of opinion occur, having a recording of a call can make a huge difference in solving the issue and also learning from it.

NEC MyCalls automatically records calls and stores them securely. Rapid call identification makes it even easier to find the call in question and take the necessary steps to resolve any problems. You can also easily export the recording into different media if required.

How does this all help?
This system not only enables you to make and receive calls as you always have and will need to do, it also gives you the information needed to improve performance, at your fingertips. We’ve worked with health professionals for years, so we know that in patient surveys call waiting times are always mentioned. By analysing the call practices, you will be able to understand in detail peak call times, as well as average wait and call duration. The initial reception response provides the patient’s first impression – how does your practice perform? All this information can then be turned into actions, such as having more staff at peak times, and lowering numbers during quieter periods or additional staff training.

The old adage is so true: if you can’t measure it, how can you manage it?

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