Six reasons it may be time to consider VoIP

No matter the size of your organisation, or the line of business in which you work, turning to a VoIP phone system brings with it a wide range of benefits. From cost savings to flexibility and adaptability, these systems are becoming more and more popular – so how long can you ignore the positives of having a phone system that runs seamlessly through over your internal network or over your external data connection, rather than traditional phone lines?
Here’s six reasons why you may want to make the change, sooner rather than later.

1. It’s cost effective
Having a phone system that runs over your internet connection means that you’ll no longer have the expense of multiple lines so in the right circumstances there can be savings straightaway. There can be other benefits like call cost reduction and all in all, VoIP systems have been proven to save some organisations as much as 40% on their communications costs.

2. Improving how you handle calls
Wondering if VoIP is flexible enough to handle the unique needs of your organisation? The answer, in almost every case, is yes. VoIP systems are able to be configured and customised around your needs. Wanting call groups to be set up for certain teams? How about calls to be diverted to your mobile or home phone when staff members are working away from the office?
The options when it comes to VoIP are almost endless.

3. Flexible working
The way we work is changing. More and more organisations will have staff members working from home, flexibly or on the road in sales, account management or customer service roles.
What this means is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to connect people. VoIP achieves this connection without technical hassle, or drastic cost. Your staff members can plug their phone into the internet within their home, their office or their hotel and have the same number active as soon as it has a connection. It’s never been as easy to stay in touch.

4. Video call without having to download a separate programme to do it
Need a face-to-face meeting with a client or employee but can’t physically be there? With VoIP voice and video streaming, you can be at a different physical location but still included in that all-important conference without missing a thing, and without having to download third-party apps such as Skype or Join Me.

5. Increasing response rates and times
Need to know when people are available to take calls? VoIP allows you to set your availability status, so your colleagues can see at a glance whether or not you are in a meeting, busy or free to take the call. This can significantly improve response times and approval rates, saving you from putting prospective callers through to colleagues currently away from their desk or on holiday.

6. Save on additional cost as your business grows
As your organisation grows, or begins to work more flexibly, you’ll want to know that you’re free from large infrastructure costs. This is where VoIP is truly cost effective; you can add and remove new numbers when needed and because you don’t have to install new traditional phone lines, the flexibility of the system makes it incredibly cost effective.

For more information on VoIP or how we could help you save costs and improve the performance of your telephone system please contact us on 01237 420010.

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