Does your phone system give you the reporting levels that you need?

If you don’t know how your phone system or employees are performing, how can you make improvements to your current service levels or identify any issues and quickly address them?

Ultimately great decisions are based on good information. You need it to understand what’s currently happening in order to improve it in the future. This is exactly what our NEC systems offer our clients; the information they need to make the decisions that will improve productivity and service.

Here’s how it works…

Great reporting is simple and flexible

Reporting is at its most effective when it’s quick and easy to understand. People don’t want to have to scroll through spreadsheet after spreadsheet in order to find the information they want or need. It needs to be simple; it needs to be easy to understand.

This is at the heart of all of our call reporting. We want the end user to be able to quickly understand what’s happening. That’s why we provide a number of options when looking at reports…

Reporting that works for you

1. The wall board – if you have a call centre or any organisation that handles large volumes of calls then you’ll likely be very familiar with these. Our board will quickly tell you how long it’s taking for the phone to be answered, how many calls are coming in or going out and when your busiest times are. It’s all there in front of you and it’s understandable in seconds.

2. Visual charts – prefer your information in pie format? No problem; scroll through a number of visual charts which display call performance and response.

3. A more detailed viewpoint – whilst you have call boards and visual reports to give you quick and easy-to-understand information at the click of a button, we also know that sometimes you may want to be more in-depth with your analysis. That’s why our system, which logs every single call in and out, also allows you to view data flexibly. If you want to view the performance of a single employee or the call abandonment rates at certain times of the day, then this is also all at your fingertips.

Ultimately, no matter what information you’re wanting to obtain, this system provides you with the statistics and figures you want in a format you can easily understand and share.

No additional cost or IT requirements

Worried about the IT infrastructure you’re going to need to get this level of reporting? Great news for you is that this will work with your current IT structure. It’s also browser based which means that it’s available to users on a 24/7 basis and doesn’t need a computer to run on. If you’re worried about any of the IT considerations, then give us a call – we’re happy to talk them through with you and explain things in plain English.

For more information on how we can increase your productivity and improve communication across multiple sites please give us a call on 01237 420010.

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