Do you have employees across multiple sites? We have the perfect answer to increase productivity and improve communication

Does your business or organisation have employees across multiple sites? Perhaps you have people working from home or salespeople that are frequently on the road or away from their desks? If this sounds familiar to your working life, then you’ll likely be met by and familiar with some of the common problems faced when people aren’t in the same place at the same time.

These problems broadly fall into one clear category; problems with communication. If someone isn’t there to receive your message, then information is lost in translation and time and money are also lost as a result. So how do you deal with having people in multiple places and ensure that communication is great, costs are kept down and productivity driven up?

We offer our clients a system which is built specifically for businesses facing these challenges, which is proven to help them overcome and smash through them.

Let’s tell you a little about the system and how it can help improve your communication and potentially lower costs at the same time.

Contacts at your finger tips

Ever wonder how much time you spend searching for telephone numbers and contacts – whether through the company website, some sort of online directory or extension numbers jotted down on a multitude of post-it notes adorning your monitor?

The answer is a lot, which is why with the system we use all of your contacts are stored in one easy to manage and simple to search location on your desktop. Call some people more often than others? This is completely understandable and very common, which is exactly why you can specify ‘buddy contacts’ that are always first to appear.

Time saved. Productivity increased. Simple.

Video conferencing at its best

Sometimes it’s not physically possible or productive to get everyone in the same room at the same time. You’ve got the travel and time costs of getting someone to the meeting and then back home again. We get that, so how does an easy and simple to set up video conference sound? Gone are the days of needing IT to set these up for you and a huddle round a single computer in the main meeting room. This system means that they’re ready to go in seconds.

No travel time. No faffing over set up. Communication improved. Great stuff.

Sharing of documents and information

When you’re in the video conference it won’t be a case of just seeing each other and having a chat. Everyone on the call will be able to seamlessly share documents, give presentations and share their screen. Information and sharing is at the heart of and vital to most organisations; this puts it at the centre of your conference call.

Easy to share information. Deliver presentations and improve information sharing. Perfect.

Don’t waste time on voicemails

Hours and hours are spent across offices in the UK ringing people that aren’t there. This isn’t efficient and this isn’t a good use of time. Every contact on the system will have a status – if they’re not there then you won’t waste time calling them. What can you do instead? Send them an instant message which they can pick up when they’re next online!

No time wasted. Message there when they get back. Ideal scenario.

They can even forward their calls to a colleague if they’re on leave or unwell!

No additional cost or IT requirements

Worried about the IT infrastructure you’re going to need to run this piece of kit? The great news for you is that this will work with your current IT structure. It’s also browser based which means that it’s available to users on a 24/7 basis and doesn’t need a computer to run on. If you’re worried about any of the IT considerations, then give us a call – we’re happy to talk them through with you and explain things in plain English.

For more information on how we can increase your productivity and improve communication across multiple sites please give us a call on 01237 420010.

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