Are You Paying the Right Price for Your Business Calls?

Trying to compare the cost of your home telephone system or mobile phone deal is a minefield all on its own.  Throw in the complexities of a business communications system and the extended playing field of providers at commercial level and it can be almost impossible to ascertain whether you’re paying too much for your business calls.

In most cases, switching to an IP phone system will save your business money each and every year as well as coming with a whole host of handy new features you wondered how you managed without. BUT if you don’t know that your current price is fair, how can you possibly make that decision? Let us try to de-mystify your current costs for you:

Call Charges

  • Find your total charges on the latest bill from your provider. This will usually be divided up by call type i.e. local, national, international and mobile.
  • Convert the stated time to minutes.
  • Divide the cost by the minutes to give you a rate to work with.

Your gut will instantly tell you whether you’re over paying for phone privileges but a good rule of thumb is that anything over 1p per minute for calls within the UK or over 5p per minute for mobile calls is far too much.

If you make a significant amount of international calls, it’s highly likely that switching to an IP system will save you hundreds of pounds each year – talk to us about upgrading to VoIP now.

Line Rental

Find the number of lines you currently pay for on your summary page and divide the total line rental charge by the number of lines you’re using.  Anything over £11 per phone line is excessive and again, a VoIP system would benefit your business significantly.

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