How Can VoIP Remove Traditional Barriers to Home Working

2020 was the year the country proved it could work remotely. With so many businesses big and small realising the benefits and the not insignificant cost savings of working more flexibly, it’s looking like 2021 will be the year thousands of companies further evolve and perfect their home working practices and processes to embrace this new normal.

A key part of that is ensuring that staff can stay connected; with one another, with customers, stakeholders and others, with business goals, targets and with their particular role in achieving them.  Thankfully, modern technology makes it increasingly easy to remove traditional barriers, and in some ways make team members even more connected than they once were in the office.

Here are just some of the ways a VoIP phone system can supercharge your business from home…

Easy to set up

In years gone by, the setting up of a traditional phone line could be painful, not just in terms of the time taken to complete it, but the expense of installing and running it! So fast forward to today, when an employee can answer your company’s number, or their own direct dial from an app on their phone without any infrastructure at all, or simply plug a phone into the internet and they’re good to go!  If set up was once a barrier, it’s one your staff can now overcome in minutes.

Say goodbye to that doomed conference call

If your business life involved conference calls it’s more than likely you will have spent at least some time huddled around what used to look something like a spaceship, trying desperately to get someone on the line at the other end. Those days are now a memory; you can now arrange conference calls, patch other team members in and chair meetings on the fly with the click of a button. As it’s over the internet it will of course be in crystal clear high definition too – which leads us nicely onto our next point…

Better Sound Quality

Because VoIP runs over the internet a common concern is that it won’t work if you don’t have superfast broadband! That’s actually inaccurate – whilst you do need a decent speed, it’s one that the vast majority of the country actually has at their router disposal! So if you’ve got enough speed, you’re going to love better sound quality – nobody likes to be straining to hear things and your team members definitely won’t have to!

Get the App

If employees are working from home, they might not always have a designated workspace. Perhaps they have to share it with a family member, or perhaps play second fiddle to the dog! If this is the case, then the flexibility of an App they can use no matter where they are in the home is the perfect solution…. As long as they can stop the dog barking at the Amazon man!

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