Five things your business can easily achieve this year

If you’re a family owned or small business in the South West, then you’re certainly not alone. In fact, more than 90% of businesses fall into that category across the West Country. But what does that really mean to you as a family member or a business owner? In reality it almost always means that you have a lot on your plate; you can be IT manager one minute, HR the next, and all whilst doing the day job too!

The most important factor in business success is often working working with other people that are good at what they do and that you trust. No matter if it’s your accountant, your solicitors or your office suppliers, knowing you can count on them takes that item off the to-do list and the worry from your mind.

That’s exactly why many of our clients stay with us for years, and some for decades! They know they can rely on us to provide them with great local service, also knowing that their communications and phone systems are well looked after.

Here are just five things we can help your business do this year….

1. Lower your costs
No matter if you’re going through a good, great or indifferent period, one thing you’ll always want to do is lower costs. However, lowering costs often means making compromise. Not when it comes to our VoIP phone systems; you can actually increase performance, flexibility and efficiency whilst potentially saving more than half of the costs you’re currently outlaying on calls and systems. How does that sound as a goal in 2020?

2. Make working more flexible for your employees
As a small business, it’s certainly not uncommon to have employees working flexibly; that may mean working from home, out of the road or ad hoc hours. The beauty of VoIP phone systems is that you can literally plug in and go. Take the phone with you anywhere, pop it into an internet connection and you’re ready! It’s the ultimate in flexibility. You could even take it on holiday with you… if you really wanted to!?

3. Grow your business as you need to
Taking on new staff members is always a big decision and a considerable new overhead. The good news is that if that staff member joins the team all you’ll need is a new handset and number, saving you considerable expense on new lines and infrastructure. Cost savings here can mean your staff numbers can rise and fall throughout the year, without ongoing large fixed overheads; great for seasonal enterprises!

4. Become more efficient
How annoying is it when you ring a business and you never get to speak to the person you really want to. Our VoIP systems can direct callers to the person they actually want to speak with, no matter whether it’s accounts, sales or anyone else! Did you know it takes your staff up to one minute to answer the phone and transfer it. If you had 10 calls each day, that’s three and a half hours each month saved in wasted time! That’s a staggering week’s worth of work over the course of a year!

5. Improve customer service for your clients
If you’re running a small business, you might not always have someone on hand to answer the phone at their desk — with VoIP, calls can be easily diverted to your mobile or other numbers, to ensure your customers always get to speak to someone, no matter how busy it gets.

These are just a few examples of benefits that VoIP can have for businesses in the South West, for more information on how we can help yours, talk to our team and give us a call on 01237 420010.

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