Jun 27

Want to keep that customer feeling valued? It all starts when you pick up the phone.

The issue

In every organisation, you have customers who will engage with you regularly, and some less regularly. With each of these customers, it’s important to make sure that they feel valued from the moment they meet or speak to you, because it is this level of service that wins and retains their business.

When a customer rings your organisation, they want to feel valued and have their questions answered with efficiency. However, what happens when an employee answers the phone to that customer, not knowing who they are?

Depending on the size of your organisation, there’s every chance that not every single one of your employees will know who your valued customers are, and having to take down a customer’s information during every phone call takes valuable time and effort. So how do you keep each one of your valued customers happy when they call your organisation?

The answer

The answer is something that sounds a little geeky but is in fact very simple; it’s called Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and what it does is tells you who it is that’s ringing you, meaning that you don’t have to ask. It may sound like a small thing, but in essence for the customer it is telling them that you know who they are, and will therefore have quicker access to their details, history and be in a better position to answer their questions.

It will also save you considerable amounts of time. If you have a modest call volume of 50 calls a day, and you have to ask each of those calling who it is and who they’d like to talk to, it will take around 30 seconds a call.

That in total could take your organisation a staggering 110 hours – that’s more than three weeks of time for the average employee!

Making your computer and your telephone work together

Our CTI systems can integrate with your existing customer information, so you won’t have to spend days adding telephone numbers to contacts, or copy and pasting all of your contacts into a new database; by using our CTI systems, you will save time and effort by letting our system do the work for you.

For more information on the CTI systems or how we can add value to your phone system please give our experienced team a call on 01237 420010.

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