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current telephone system

When it comes to technology times move quickly. As our mobile phones and computers get more powerful we often change them and upgrade accordingly, sometimes on a regular basis, but when was the last time you reviewed your telephone system or the costs associated with making and taking calls?

For many at senior management level a review of their telephone provider can be something that falls between the cracks, or a task that is seen as frustrating and complicated. Payments to providers such as BT can be seen as a necessary evil, when in reality they needn’t be.

Our free review of your telephone system and requirements

We’re able to offer a free review of your telephone system – and the great news is that it’s pain free as well as cost free! Our aim is to identify areas that could not only make your life easier, but also cut growing call and infrastructure costs for your business.

Here’s a look at what we’d review with you:


What was top of the range a few years ago may now be creaking at the seams as your business or organisation develops, evolves or grows. If you have hardware in place we’d review your options and highlight other potential avenues such as VoIP, which has been proven in some cases, to cut costs by up to 40%.

Call costs

Do you make a lot of calls? If the answer is yes, then the chances are that costs can quickly escalate and soar beyond control. We’d take a look at ways in which these costs can be consolidated and reduced using a variety of approaches.

Exchange lines

If you have a lot of expensive conventional lines then the costs can be crippling; we’d explain the advantages of other available alternatives such as VoIP in not only delivering better performance but significantly reducing costs.

Internet connection

It seems as though everyone and everything is online these days. Is your internet connection fast enough for your needs? We can check if it’s time for something a bit quicker.

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