Feb 08

There’s no ‘one size-fits all’ when it comes to infrastructure

It’s an old cliché, but there’s never a one size fits all solution when it comes to your phone system’s infrastructure. We’ll often dazzle you with what our systems can do and how they can help your organisation, but it’s the correct infrastructure that ensures that you’ll be benefiting from all of those features without having to worry about issues in the background.

In order for any system to achieve an optimum level of performance, we’ll need to ensure that the right structuring and cabling is set up behind the scenes. This infrastructure will be unique to your organisation, as everyone will have a different starting point and set of circumstances and goals.

Getting this right can save you money now and in the future, so let us talk you through the key points that we’ll be considering with you when providing the right solution.

Physical factors

Where you are and where your staff are based will have an impact on the infrastructure your system requires. There can be a whole range of factors to consider before and during installation; these can include the quantity of phone lines you need not only now but in the future, and the level of accessability to existing and historical cabling.

We’ll always make sure we understand what’s there already in order to give you the most effective solution; both in terms of cost and performance, which leads us nicely on to our next point.

Existing cabling

A new phone system can also make the most of the past by incorporating any existing cable that is still usable. There isn’t always a need to completely rip everything out, so by using a mix of existing and new cables your infrastructure will give you the optimal level of performance at the best possible price.

This is another key positive with how we work with our clients; taking that time to understand your needs and circumstances now and going forward can save cost and enable us to work with you in the long term to achieve your organisation’s goals.

Future proofing

The needs of an organisation never stand still and are always developing and growing. In order to prevent an expensive refit every few years, it is vital to get the infrastructure right from the start, and to do this your system’s supplier needs to know not only where it is you’re at right now, but where you want to be in five years.

A good infrastructure has potential for the future and be built with the ability to meet your developing needs. A ‘standard’ infrastructure would be unable to adapt and work beyond the current needs of your business, whilst a bespoke system like the ones we supply to organisations of all sizes across the South West will allow for change and growth.

A saving at the start of the project, and over the course of the life of the system is what we aim for, and why our clients stay with us in the long run when we deliver.

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