Sep 04

The perfect app to increase productivity and save costs for your organisation

Do you have staff members working at different locations on different days? Perhaps you have people on the road or working from home? No matter where your colleagues are based, you’ll now be able to bring them all together to share, collaborate, message and communicate, all with one simple user-friendly app.

What is this app and how does it work?

The InUP app from NEC brings your team’s communications together in one place; whether it’s video conferencing people for a meeting, document and screen sharing to help them with IT and support issues, or messaging to increase communication between staff, the app takes care of it all.

Users are able to quickly set-up audio and video connections between two or more PCs or devices from anywhere with an internet and VPN or LAN connection. As well as video and audio conferencing functionality, PC users can work collectively with screen share and shared documents. It’s also ideal for live software demos and presentation slideshows.

The benefits of the InUP App

Increase your productivity levels: Time-saving features for all your work force.

Web video conference: Enabling travel saving, mobility, home working & multi-site staff and organisations.

Screensharing: Provides collaboration on documents with multiple users.

Lower costs: Single initial cost, so no recurring monthly subscriptions.

Easy to use: Minimal / no training required.

Always on 24/7: Browser-based; remote access.

Easy contact management: Contacts are auto-populated from email application enabling multi-cast messaging and more.

Presence: Provides a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your team’s availability making users become more reachable.

The nuts and bolts for your organisation

• The system is web based and therefore accessible to your employees 24/7

• The app is extremely cost effective when compared to other solutions or to having a number of applications performing individual purposes such as video conferencing.

• There is no extra computer or server requirements, meaning no extra costs in this area.

• Save on hardware costs and IT maintenance.

For more information about the InUP app and how it could help your organisation please contact us on 01237 420010 or email us at

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