Using the right phone system to boost your seasonal business

Seasonal organisations are often forgotten when it comes to appropriate configuration, with most suppliers putting the focus on organisations that operate in much the same way all year round. However, we know that this means you need a fantastic telephone system which can easily adapt to your different needs as you progress through high and low season and holiday periods generally, regardless of how you operate.

You may have a large number of calls in the summer, and very few in the winter. You might have more staff during high season who can deal with an influx of calls, but the low season results in a smaller number of staff. Maybe you have peak calls at certain time of day, whenever you are working. A basic phone system won’t be able to handle these changes, nor will it be able to adapt to give you the best solutions all year round.

A voicemail service can be an invaluable feature throughout the year, allowing you to call back callers when convenient. Without voicemail, you could end up losing a large number of clients or potential customers, which is obviously not ideal! During your high season voicemail will make managing calls a lot easier, particularly if you’re splitting your time between answering the phone and dealing with customers in person.

If you are out and about, what about having your voicemail emailed to your phone?

Virtual receptionist
A voicemail service could also be combined with a virtual receptionist, which provides callers with different options. During high season you may be answering the same questions over and over again, so setting up an option on the automatic operator which allows customers to listen to the answers of common questions can save a lot of time. During low season, you can change the options available to callers, allowing you to tailor the virtual receptionist approach to suit your needs. The same can be true at different times of day; really busy first thing but fewer staff at lunchtime? Let the telephone system work for you and handle the calls differently, there are eight possible options. More than enough for the most demanding application

You might spend a lot of time away from the main phone during both high and low season, meaning you miss calls and people can’t easily get hold of you. A VoIP handset makes you easily contactable, and calls can be transferred to you wherever you are.

Alternatively, you could pair your desk phone with your mobile or just temporarily redirect the landline to your mobile. This is particularly useful when you need to carry out jobs away from your desk whilst remaining available at a time when your staff numbers may be low.

Most of all, we understand that you need a flexible system. Your needs aren’t standing still, and you need a phone system that moves with your changing requirements. We specialise in creating cost-effective bespoke packages, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you need through each day and every day of the year; you just need to ask.

Read more about our Call Management services here or call the team on 01237 420010.

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