Remote Worker Sign-In among new features for InVentry system

The InVentry system — an electronic sign-in system that allows schools and businesses to easily keep track of who is on site — is consistently being updated, but the new challenges being presented in 2020 means that the team behind the system have been hard at work adding new features to make the system adapt to an ever-changing world.

With those new challenges and scenarios presented by the Coronavirus pandemic in mind, here are some of the new features recently added to the InVentry system:

Remote Worker Sign In

This feature allows workers to sign in while working from home, outside of the normal GeoFence. This feature is particularly useful because of COVID-19 , yet as we continue to move away of lockdown and back to normality, this new feature can also be used by businesses who adopt a hybrid approach to working with some continuing to work from home.

The top features of Remote Worker Sign In
  • Staff members can sign into work from outside the normal location ‘bubble’
  • It’s available on mobile devices, with a quick and easy process to sign in
  • It’s easy to identify who has signed in working remotely
  • It keeps evacuation records up to date by knowing who is on site and who is at home
Access Invitations

When you have visitors, it can occasionally be confusing which door they should use, or how they should enter the building. With the new Access Invitation, you can pre-book a visitor through the InVentry system and provide them with a link to open an electronically sealed door or barrier on their arrival.

The feature is particularly useful for customers that have a car park barrier or entrance door attached to a Paxton system, as you can grant access to visitors and not rely on reception staff to open barriers and doors for them.

The feature is controlled with the InVentry console and you can set up custom time restrictions on each invitation, in line with when the visitor is expected to arrive and leave the site.

The top features of Access Invitations
  • It allows pre-booked visitors access to open barriers and doors on site
  • It provides time limits on when visitors can access the barriers and doors — be it for multiple hours or multiple days, you have full control over access time
  • It sends pre-booked visitors an invitation to come on site along with the barcode to scan to open doors
  • It saves time for receptionists and staff by removing the need for them to open the door to visitors
Integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack

The InVentry system can now integrate and interact with Microsoft Teams and Slack – which has added a layer of depth to the existing visitor notification process. When a visitor now signs in, along with the existing notification email that is sent from the InVentry system to the meeting organiser, you can now automatically send a message into specific Teams and Slack channels. These channels can be company-wide or more selective, if required, and it means that visitors aren’t left waiting for someone to greet them at reception as more people are aware of their arrival.

The top benefits of Integration
  • It ensures a smooth and professional first impression by making sure no visitor is left by themselves once they’ve entered the building and signed in
  • It sends notifications to company-wide or specific group channels when a visitor arrives on site.
  • You can personalise these notifications by including your brand and logo. You’re able to also include the visitor name, company, who they’re expecting to see as well as their time of arrival and location of the InVentry system at which they signed in.

The InVentry sign in system is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your business. We can arrange a FREE online demonstration so that you can see at first-hand how the system could benefit you. To find out more about the InVentry sign in system, give us a call on 01237 420010.

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