Apr 24

NEC SV9100 Telephone System: Six benefits for your business

Successful organisations come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is great communication; both internally and externally.

But where exactly do you start when looking for a telephone system that helps you achieve this?

The NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 (which has now replaced the SV8100) is being used by a growing number of organisations locally; we take a look at what they’re getting, and how it could work for you too…

Flexibility when you need it the most

Your phone system should no longer just be a handset on your desk; people move around, you may have people working from a home, a reception desk or perhaps a sales force that spend most of their time on the road.

Flexibility is the key to a great phone system, not only now but in the future (who knows what you may need a few years down the line), and the SV9100 system gives you this in spades:

In the office – hot desks and call recording

Are you regularly in and out of meetings, moving around the office or in other departments? You’ll not only be able to take your number to a hot desk, you’ll also always be in touch with NEC’s mobile extensions which means your desk telephone can be paired with your mobile phones for the ultimate flexibility.

Flexible Call recording

Need to record calls to resolve disputes or meet regulatory requirements?  That’s not a problem either; even PCI compliance can be covered for processing credit and debit card payments!

Making meetings easier and lower in cost

Getting everyone in the same room at the same time can be a test; the SV9100 makes audio and video conferencing a much easier task, reducing travel costs and making meetings quick and convenient to arrange and attend.

See your performance in real time

Customer service will be at the heart of everything you do; ever wanted to know exactly how good you are at taking calls, how long people have to wait before speaking with a member of your team, or when your busiest periods are?

This information can be incredibly effective in improving the relationship and communication you have with people calling your organisation, and also allow you to lower costs by better understanding performance.

The great news is NEC’s SV9100 system gives you all of this, and pdf reports can even be scheduled and automatically sent to your inbox on a regular basis!

Having a reception when you really need one

There’s an old saying that you only get one chance the make a first impression.

For those calling your organisation this starts with their initial reception, and the NEC SV9100 system makes sure they can have a great experience. Allow other team members to easily cover reception during quieter periods, and quickly transfer calls using click-to-dial technology. With different modes and the flexibility offered by the SV9100 digital telephone system, colleagues can even cover the reception role from their own desk.

Greet callers by name

When our mobiles ring we’re all used to knowing exactly who it is that’s calling us, so why shouldn’t this extend to your organisation’s telephone system?

Caller ID on the SV9100 system will make sure you can now greet callers by their name rather than as a stranger; exactly as it should be!

For more information on the NEC SV9100 or how we can help improve your telephone system and communication please give us a call on 0808 2020 411 or email us at

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