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Maintenance and Support

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a personal service and this extends to every element of our maintenance and support.

Each time you call Equations we’ll do our best to connect you to the same Account Manager and Lead Consultant that’s been working with you from the first meeting.

We have very high staff retention because we think continuity is important; you won’t be passed from pillar to post. This means our support team and technicians are able to build an unrivalled knowledge of your systems and sites.

If you’ve ever got a problem we’ll be using this knowledge to make sure it’s solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’re experts in phone systems
so you don’t need to be.

We know the systems we work with inside out, and we pass on all of the benefits of our 25 years of experience on to your organisation.

Every member of our team has passed the manufacturer examinations for each of the systems we use, but we don’t think that’s enough! Wherever possible, the team that installed your system will also be involved in the training, any maintenance support, or moves and changes, meaning they not only know your phones, they know you and your site too.

Our technology means that if you do want to tweak or adjust your system we’ll often be able to do this remotely and within minutes.

You’ll also know that if do you need someone to visit from one of our regional bases, one of our accredited engineers can be with you as quickly as possible.

Support should never be reactive;
we shouldn’t always be waiting for your call.

For this reason, we’re committed to training your staff in how to use our systems, understand what can be done and make sure that your organisation gains the most from it.

Even once installed and staff trained, we’ll provide a follow-up visit to ensure you know exactly how to make the most of your new telephone system, and it’s all included in our pricing!

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