Jul 18

How can using Computer Telephone Integration benefit your organisation?

Having a large number of clients means it just isn’t possible for you and your team to have all of their names and numbers memorised. However, answering the phone and trying to work out who’s calling you can appear unprofessional (particularly if there’s a long term relationship) and waste both your and your client’s precious time.

This is where Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) can add real value to your communications.

With CTI, a prompt will appear on your screen displaying who is calling, allowing you to answer the phone and greet the person straight away. It can integrate with your existing customer information, so there’s no need for you to waste time adding telephone numbers to contacts.


Asking a long-standing client who they are isn’t the best way to start a conversation. With CTI you can give a warm, personalised greeting from the start. A personalised hello will make your client feel valued and important rather than one person in a crowd of clients.

For many organisations based in the South West, where personal and local relationships are vital, this is a particularly pertinent point. No one likes to feel like a nobody, particularly if they are spending their money with you. CTI gives your organisation the chance to give a great impression every time a call comes through.

Save time

When you add up the time spent asking a customer for their details, you start to realise that it’s actually a lot of valuable time and money. If for example, you had a team of ten people taking calls, and on average they received 20 each per day, you could potentially spend 8 hours each week getting information you should already have!

CTI can also help make the call more efficient for your client. They will be able to get straight down to business rather than spending time answering unnecessary questions.

Easy dialling

As part of CTI, you will be able to visit a website or Windows-based program which has all the information for your contacts. Instead of flicking through records and then having to dial a number, you’ll be able to easily find client information and call them with one simple click; everything can be displayed in one record, rather than needing to search through multiple documents to get all the necessary information.

This means that staff can be much more efficient with their outgoing calls and reduce the stress of finding customer information.

What will you do with all of that extra time? The choice will be yours.

If you’d like to find out more about how CTI could help your business, or to discuss your requirements give a member of our team a call on 0808 2020 411.

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