Jun 16

Bring your organisation together with others, for a low cost

The issue

Running any organisation requires time management, co-ordination of your employees and team work. So if you have several offices and locations, or you have employees on the road and away from the office frequently, how do you get them together to discuss business without having to drag them away from customers and without losing time with expensive travel?

The answer

Audioconferencing allows you to easily arrange meetings without leaving the office or wasting precious time. No matter where your colleagues are physically located, you will be able to talk together, exchange ideas or give weekly updates with multiple people involved!

Keep your conference calls secure with our PIN code feature

Wanting to ensure that your conference call is only available to a select few? No problem; all calls can be secured with a PIN so only those who know the PIN will be able to take part in the phone call.

No hidden call costs

There are no hidden call costs with audio conference calls. Each participant will only pay for their own phone call, and they can join via their landline, mobile or even their computer. When compared to travel expenses and the time spent travelling, this is an incredibly cost and time effective option for any organisation.

Consistent quality no matter how many people you have on the line

We’ve all been there; that conference call that sounds like one of the participants has dialled in from a cave, another is stuck in a wind tunnel and the other hears every fifth word you say!

Quality has always been a concern in this area of technology, but the good news is that we’ve teamed up with market leaders Konftel and Polycom to provide our clients with the very best systems available. You’ll get high quality conference calls that’ll allow you to run meetings quickly and efficiently, no matter where the participants are calling from.

For more information on the audio conferencing, or how we can add value to your phone system please give our experienced team a call on 01237 420010.

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