Jan 25

PRESS RELEASE: Small businesses urged to protect themselves from telephone Toll scam

Businesses across the South West could be losing tens of thousands of pounds by failing to protect their telephone systems from fraudsters.

The warning comes from leading telephone specialists Equations Voice and Data, who are encouraging businesses to protect themselves from the growing threat of Toll Fraud.

Approximately 84% of South West Businesses are understood to be at threat from telephone system hackers who make unauthorised calls by gaining access to a business’s phone system. The calls are usually made to international or premium rate numbers and can leave businesses with hefty phone bills and nobody from whom to claim the money back.

Devon-based Equations Voice and Data is highlighting the increased risk of attack small businesses face by failing to secure their telephone systems, whether making calls over analogue, ISDN or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connections.

Managing Director of Equations Voice and Data, Tom Pearce said: “Many businesses aren’t aware of the potential threat and unwelcome costs that they may face by not securing their phone system. Figures show that a single Toll Fraud attack can cost an organisation around £10,000, which can have a devastating impact, especially on small businesses.

To help tackle the issue in the South West, Equations is working with customers to make sure they are fully aware of the threat and offering services to help protect their telephone systems against being attacked.

Tom added: “The UK is the third most targeted country in the world for Toll Fraud, and many business owners may not be fully aware of this risk. The damage caused by hackers can seriously affect businesses; we’re advising people to take preventative action now, if they haven’t already.”

For more information on Equations Voice and Data and their fraud protection services please visit 0808 2020 411.

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