The advantages of CCTV for your business or school

There were more than 175,000 burglaries across the UK last year. That’s a staggering 19 every hour of the day and more than 400 every time the clock passes midnight. One of the key questions you should be asking as a school or business is: how would you cope if you were to fall victim of crime (particularly when Scotland Yard reports that only 4% of robberies were solved in the past twelve months)?

Crime can have a significant impact on any organisation, so the key is to be proactive and vigilant in your approach to handling it. A great place to start is with the installation of CCTV cameras. While this may seem a little ‘big brother’ or draconian, CCTV cameras have been proven to not only document crime and help prove it, but also lower insurance premiums and put off would-be criminals.

Here are just a few advantages of installing CCTV for your organisation…

Preventing the crime itself

It is suggested that the vast majority of crimes are opportunist, rather than as the result of some masterplan hatched over a lengthy period of time. The opportunity is going to be less appealing if the would-be intruder knows there is the lens of a camera focussed in that direction, making the chances of catching and convicting the individual significantly higher.

Potentially lower insurance premiums and increase the chance of a successful claim

For some insurance companies, the presence of CCTV can lower premiums. Aside from this benefit, it’s also easier to prove what has happened on your property if there’s visual evidence of it occurring, meaning that in the event you need to make a claim, you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate the sequence of events.

Improve efficiency

Whilst crime prevention and identification will be what primarily springs to mind when you think of the installation of CCTV, there can also be a myriad of advantages. For some organisations, being able to accurately see when individuals are on or off the premises, when deliveries occur, or when some action is required can be very useful. Staff can be better informed and operate more effectively.

Peace of mind

Ultimately, you can’t be on site all the time, so when you’re not there, knowing that your building and contents are being watched over can give a real sense of safety and security, no matter where you are.

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