Reviewing Your Office Telephone System

Pretty much all businesses take their telephone communications systems for granted.  Sometimes seen as a necessary evil, the office phone system doesn’t have the same sex appeal as the constantly evolving tech bubble of mobile phones, other devices and shiny new computers. Consequently, upgrading a phone system at regular intervals or even properly evaluating the current set up tends to fall by the wayside when looking at your overall systems and processes.

Let’s be honest, this is in part due to it being a slightly ‘boring’ undertaking and partly it being considered a complicated and frustrating task.  What if you could reap the benefits of 30 years industry experience to review your phone system for free? Equations Voice and Data will take a good look at your entire system, finding areas to improve that could make your life easier and your business more cost effective.  Better yet, our three decades of experience mean we’re perfectly placed to offer the ideal solution wherever you need it.

What will we look at?


If you haven’t checked over things for a while, your equipment is likely to be past its best and no longer fit for purpose if your business has grown and evolved over time. We can review your hardware options and point you in the direction of potential new solutions such as VoIP which can cut costs by up to 40%.

Call costs

If you make a lot of calls or your call volume has significantly increased since your last system health check, the chances are that you’re spending above and beyond – talk isn’t cheap!  We can work with you to make sure your system employs a variety of options to reach the most efficient solution.

Exchange lines

Not only can conventional phone lines be incredibly expensive – particularly if your business is growing – the technology is rapidly becoming obsolete.  We can evaluate your current set up and your business’ direction of travel to make use of more modern solutions such as VoIP. 

Internet connection

Another thing we absolutely take for granted but is your internet connection fit for purpose and are you getting the best speeds available? We can check if it’s time for something a bit quicker or better suited to your business.

To discuss how we can take the hassle and headache out of evaluating your phone system, contact the team on 01237 420010 to book your free review.

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