NEC SV9100 – the perfect telephone system for remote working

Whilst many organisations will have a workforce based in an office, this certainly isn’t applicable to everyone; those that have mobile sales teams, warehouses or individuals working from home will have very different needs from a telephone system.

So are there phone systems that are able to answer these needs?

We believe that NEC’s SV9100 telephone system ticks all of the boxes….

Your mobile sales team
Your sales team needs to be easy to contact, but with hours spent on the road and them being constantly in and out of meetings, how do you make it that way?

Mobile extension will allow your team members to be contacted on a single number, regardless of whether the call is taken at their desk or mobile. The experience is seamless for your customers and your salesperson.

If you’re in an industry in which calls need to be recorded in order to meet regulatory requirements or to resolve disputes the good news is that even calls made on mobiles can be recorded, just as they would be if they were sat at their desk.

Warehouse workers
Gone are the days when a simple mobile handset sat on the corner of the warehouse office desk would suffice. Contact with your warehouse should be as easy as ringing anyone else in the office and the NEC SV9100 makes it so.

IP DECT and cordless telephones allow your workers to move freely around site whilst still connected to the same telephone number.

Safety should also be key in your warehouse and the ‘Man Down’, location detection and a whole host of other features will ensure you’ll be the first to know should anything go wrong.

Working from home
Do you have employees working from home? Whether it’s a salesperson, admin assistant or a director, the NEC SV9100 makes sure they can work as effectively whether as a home worker or in the office.

Desktop telephones can give them the same features from home, including the company directory, the ability to transfer calls and much more.

Video conferencing enables them to attend meetings without the associated travel and time costs, and will also allow them to share documents with up to 32 participants.

We believe this is a great solution for any business that needs a flexible system, being able to adapt as your organisation changes over time.

For more information on the NEC SV9100 or how we can help improve your telephone systems and communication please give us a call on 0808 2020 411 or email us at

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