Managing People Coming Back to Work

The past 12 months have been hectic; there’s been highs, many lows and a lot of change. Things have often been done or carried out as an emergency response to events happening around us. However, with the vaccine rollout in full swing and the roadmap out of lockdown hitting its targets thus far, now may be the time to access what things look like for your company in a post-pandemic world.

Have you found home working more productive? Have you enjoyed the lowered overheads associated with costly office blocks full of people? Every business is different in this regard, but the reality for most is that the pandemic has brought about potential long term changes in the way we work and interact. No matter what solution you find, it’ll need to be flexible…

Scenario One – Full Time Home Working

How do you effectively communicate with each other if you’re all working from home? It’s perhaps the most common problem to solve when everyone leaves the office, takes their laptops and heads to the home office.

However, technology means this needn’t be an issue; a VoIP phone system can help.

Your team simply take home a telephone handset, plug it into a working broadband connection and have the office communication system at their fingertips.  They can work anywhere that suits them – several ‘somewheres’ if they’re sharing that home space with housemates or families and need to be flexible; as long as they can plug into a router or download the handy app they can work on the go.

Their office telephone number also moves with them, so customers are still able to get in touch seamlessly without a need to give out personal data and mobile phone numbers.

A VoIP system is a low cost, flexible solution for your fully remote business, one you can scale up or down easily as required or as circumstances change.

Scenario Two – Hybrid Solution, Part Office and Part Remote Working

This is a very popular move with many people; some home working, but some office time in order to keep everyone together, involved and connected. It’s a flexible scenario, so you’ll naturally need a flexible communications system. VoIP again fits the bill for you.

They can take the handset home; they can plug it in when back in the office. Perfect.

Prefer to travel light? Leave the desk phone at work and just use your pc app or mobile app to stay connected and be part of the team wherever you are.

Wanting to keep staff count in the office lower in order for you not to be crowded on top of each other? That’s not a problem either; teleconferencing can happen in a matter of seconds.

But who answers the phone? Hunt groups mean it’ll be the person that answers it the quickest, no matter if they’re next to you or at home. Great for the customer, great for you as a business owner.

Scenario Three – Full Time Office Based

If you decide that your business is best run with all team members being office based, VoIP is still a great option for you. You still get all of the flexibility the system offers those working at home, but you also get a large reduction in call and line rental costs. So that’s more functionality, more flexibility but at a lower cost to a traditional phone system? Sounds pretty good to us!

To explore how a VoIP system could benefit you, please contact us on 01237 420010.

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