Is your organisation ready for the end of ISDN?

A lot can happen in 10 years can’t it? It certainly can in the world of technology if you think that in 2006 the iPhone was still a well-kept secret in the bowels of an Apple research and development facility in Cupertino.

More than 750 million iPhones have been bought during the past decade by people across the globe, and just as the smart phone has changed the landscape of our mobile world, a big change is now fast approaching with our landlines.

BT recently announced its target date of 2025 for the complete phase out of ISDN and PSTN services, all of which will need to be migrated to an IP solution before the designated deadline date.

What does this mean for your organisation and why might it be a good idea to be making the move sooner rather than later?

The current position
Think of ISDN and PSTN as analogue television. As with analogue television, ISDN and PSTN landlines are the solution that we’ve all grown up with and with which we’re all familiar; cables flow into our properties and a BT Openreach van sits at the end of the road whenever there is a need to install more lines or to fix problems.

Millions are still using conventional telephone exchange lines but just as analogue television came to end, ISDN will need to be replaced by an IP solution before ISDN becomes extinct.

The alternative: what do you need to do?
You may have started hearing terms like VoIP and SIP being mentioned; this technology changes the way calls are transmitted. Voice over IP (VoIP) is incredibly scalable, flexible and can also can provide organisations with significant savings.

Why move now?
Cost savings of up to 40% on calls
If we told you that you could save up to 40% on call charges made across your business you’d probably bite our hand off wouldn’t you?

The fact that IP services deliver ‘virtual’ phone lines rather than just the old physical wires we’ve had for decades decreases the costs of making and taking calls. Add that 40% up over the next 10 years and the prospect of moving now becomes a very attractive one.

Do you have staff working from home or sales staff on the road?
The British workforce is evolving and changing; more and more of us work from home at least some of the time, or have some sort of flexible working environment. What does this mean for your phone line?

The fact that with the right service, you can plug in your IP phone anywhere in the world and connect straight back to work makes it a far more suitable (and affordable) solution when compared to the direct connection required for a traditional ISDN telephone system.

Protection from the weather and unforeseen events
One thing you can rely on is that during the great British winter we’re all likely to get hammered by wind and rain and this can have an adverse effect on your phone lines, even leaving them down should damage be caused to the cabling on your line.

SIP trunking can reduce these problems, allowing a business to keep working through a range of eventualities.

What Next? Find the right supplier
So with the switch to SIP inevitable, and the advantages of IP systems making the move attractive now, what is it that you need to do? If you’d like to discuss your options with our team then give us a call on 01237 420010. You’ll know that you’ll be talking to someone with years of experience and a business that has one of the highest client retention rates around.

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