How to keep offering the best care to pet owners during 2021

As we humans have battled with the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown at us, so have pets across the world.  Over the past year a surge in pet ownership, combined with spending more time at home with our furry loved ones has meant that veterinary surgeries throughout the UK are dealing with more and more calls from concerned owners, at a time of having to alter their own working practices in order to take extra pandemic precautions.

If you own a veterinary surgery and you’ve found the constant changes and evolving needs of your phone system something of a struggle, it might be time to consider modernising your communication system to handle anything – even a global pandemic!

A high quality, flexible, internet-based phone system that can cut costs, save time and improve communication is a real win, win for any practise…

Save time with easy information

Every surgery will often be faced with very similar queries – what are your opening times? Do I need a face mask? Do you have an emergency vet line? They’re all understandable and pretty unavoidable at such an unpredictable time, so how do you answer them without spending a lot of time answering them? The answer with our VoIP systems is an automated attendant – this means that before the call goes through it can answer some of the most common queries people ask. They get the info without you spending precious time talking them through it.

Working remotely

It’s highly likely that your employees, whether that’s vets or support staff, will be on occasion working remotely. Calls can be easily diverted with the use of a VoIP handset, or even an App that they can set up on their phone. This means that no matter where they are, those wanting to get in touch with you will have the same level of service as they would if they were sat in the surgery.

You can also easily connect and transfer to other team members at the touch of a button.

Hunt Groups Can Support Staff

If you’re dealing with reduced numbers of staff in the surgery due to self-isolation, remote working or having to furlough colleagues, the hunt group feature of your VoIP system can reduce the pressure on remaining staff by dispersing phone calls effectively.  In essence your hunt group will allow one incoming call to ring on multiple lines, giving a team of staff the option of answering and reducing pressure on a single teammate.

 But how much does it all cost?

When we say that a VoIP phone system is full of flexibility, features and positives, it’s easy to think that it may well cost your surgery a pretty penny. In reality, it can actually save substantial amounts on the costs of a traditional system, not only now but when you come to increase your staff numbers! That’ll be just another tick in the column of flexibility!

These are just a few of the ways that modernising your system can help your veterinary practice weather the new normal.  Contact the team on 01237 420010 to discuss your needs. 

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