How healthy is your surgery’s telephone system?

Our healthcare and veterinary care systems are under increasing pressure as the UK population and the percentage of pet owners both continue to grow rapidly. At more than 66 million, the UK population is already at an all-time high, and is projected to grow to nearly 73 million by 2041.

Theresa May has just pledged an extra 5,000 GPs to the NHS “as soon as possible” and an additional 20,000 additional staff, to help free up more time for doctors to spend on patient care. This is great news for patients. However, more staff means more appointments and more strain on your existing operations.

At the same time, PFMA research has found that 40% of UK households are now pet owners, equating to 12 million households with at least one pet each, also putting it at the highest it’s ever been. The UK pet care market is now worth £6.3 billion, and also shows no sign of slowing.

For both GPs and vets, the need for a robust and effective phone system has never been greater. Your telephone system plays a central role in delivering business continuity which is particularly vital during out-of-hours, and you need to be sure your system will continue to cope as your practice grows, to be available as often as possible when your patients call. Ask yourself: Can our phone system cope during peak periods – for example, when several patients or clients are calling in to book appointments first thing on a Monday morning? Does it allow us to easily add and change messages with key information, or set up call forwarding, for patients and clients who call during out of hours? And with staff spread across multiple rooms or buildings, does our current phone system make it easy to locate and contact them? If the answer is no then it may be time to change.

What was top of the range a few years ago may now be creaking at the seams as your practice or surgery grows and evolves. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to tech, don’t worry! That’s where we come in. Equations has been working with clinics of all sizes for more than twenty years. We help doctors & veterinary surgeries with systems that support call handling through peak periods, appointments, triage and out of hours messages. We can review your telephone system for you completely pain- and cost-free. We’ll take time to understand your specific needs and identify areas that could not only make your life easier, but also cut growing call and infrastructure costs for your surgery. We’ll make sure you have a system that’s able to meet your requirements and aspirations not just now, but as you continue to thrive in the future. And support is only ever a phone call away.

To book your free phone system review or ask any questions give us a call on 01237 420010 or click here:

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