How can your phone system keep your workforce safe when working on their own?

Do you have people working remotely or on their own? If so then you’re certainly no longer in the minority – many organisations and businesses now embrace remote working as advances in technology and internet speeds make it an increasingly cost effective and attractive way of working. But if those employees were to become injured or embroiled in a dangerous situation with a customer or client, how would you as an employer know?

No matter where your staff are, you’ll want to keep them safe. The latest technology from NEC, aptly named ‘The NEC Lone Worker Solution’ ensures that you can.

Let’s tell you a little bit more about it…

Secure and stable – guaranteed delivery and 24/7 operation
The fear of online or wireless solutions in the past has always been reliability – what if the connection falls out? What if the system goes down? With this solution these worries are now resigned to the past; it’s not only extremely reliable, it provides guaranteed call delivery and 24/7 operation. If your staff member were to get into trouble they’d be able to make the call.

Raising the alarm
Many of us will already be familiar with distress signals from the retail sector – whether it’s at your local convenience store, a bank or jewellers, a small button usually concealed beneath the counter will quickly sound an alarm when all is not well.

The NEC Lone Worker system embraces this technology too. Your employee would have an SOS button on their wireless handset which when pushed would instantaneously send an alarm signal allowing for the appropriate help to be immediately dispatched.

Man-down movement detection
Would you know if your staff member had been in an accident? Whilst we always hope that the worst won’t happen, if one of your team members were to be knocked unconscious for any period of time the speed of your response is going to be vital in ensuring that an accident doesn’t quickly become something far more serious.

If members of your workforce are in circumstances where they could fall or injure themselves then the NEC system can help. Special sensors detect when an employee is unable to press a button (e.g. when unconscious after a fall and does not respond to a set time) and arrange for alarm signals to be sent automatically.

Whilst we hope you never need it, this technology can provide the early detection system you need to limit the chances of the situation becoming more severe.

Industry leading battery life and reliability
If your team are constantly out on the road or in meetings, you’ll not want them to be forever searching for the nearest plug socket to charge their phone. The NEC handset saves them from his hassle with its unprecedented battery lifespan that can last up to 160 hours on standby!

The system will also send you alarms if any part of the system is malfunctioning or any components critical to the lone worker system are damaged, allowing you to keep on top of maintenance.

Easy to deploy and manage
As with any change or addition to your phone system, you’ll want to know that it’s not only easy to put in place but also easy for you as an organisation or business to manage. The good news is that the NEC Lone Worker system fits the bill on both counts.

If you would to a chat about whether it would work for you, please give our experienced team a call on 01237 420010.

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