Five ways our phone systems can improve customer service

At the heart of every business, company, and organisation is the need to communicate; whether it’s with customers, staff, teachers, or suppliers. The way you’re able to converse with important stakeholder groups will be key to how successfully and efficiently you operate on a daily basis. If communication is central to what you do, an effective phone system is vital; let us talk you through a few ways in which we can help you to improve the way you’re able to communicate.

Personal greetings with CTI (it’s time to integrate your phones with your computer)
Knowing who’s calling can not only save time in asking, but also bring you a lot closer to the caller by making them feel valued each and every time they call. Imagine a scenario in which it pops up on your computer with who’s calling each time the phone rings, no matter how large your database of clients is.

Our systems have been used to integrate with common Customer Relationship Management (CRM Systems), saving you the arduous task of inputing thousands of data entries yourselves, meaning the information is at the fingertips of your staff from the outset.

The time it takes to ask someone their name and where they’re calling from can also take up a surprising amount of time; if it takes your receptionist 20 seconds per call, and they handle 50 calls a day that’s going to be five and a half hours every month, or eight full working days in a year!

Learn from the past with call recording
Call recording can be an invaluable feature on a phone system when it comes to compliance and solving disputes, but it can also allow you to learn from the past and became a key tool when it comes to training; providing real life examples of how calls can and should be handled.

Lessons learned from past calls enable staff to provide a confident and appropriate service, increasing the satisfaction and happiness of your callers. Diffusing tense situations can be difficult, and can often escalate quickly; however, a past recording could really improve the staff member’s technique in dealing with any heated conversations and avoid an unhappy caller.

Getting people to the right person as quickly as possible
Who likes to spend ages being transferred from person to person? There are a range of systems available to make it much easier and quicker to connect the right people. A Unified Communications system allows you to transfer calls seamlessly between departments and even buildings. DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) enables callers to get through to the right person even when they’re away from their desk by providing cordless handsets.

Press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales and 3 for support
Virtual receptionists, which provide callers with different options upon first ringing, may be another solution for you to explore; the caller only needs to press the appropriate number to get through to the right department or person, saving you both significant time in getting to the right person.

Handle fluctuating call volumes
Whether it’s a doctor’s surgery first thing in the morning or a school during inclement weather, you might have periods when call volumes increase and others during which they subside. Our systems and reporting can be used to understand these periods fully, enabling you to make sure that you have enough people manning the phones during those peak times, and the right level of staffing during quieter periods. Of course, we’ll provide you with the system to make this second nature.

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