Five questions to ask yourself when considering VoIP

VoIP telephony is becoming increasingly popular with many of the organisations with whom we work. No matter if you’re a school, a doctor’s surgery or any other form of organisation, this technology potentially offers a host of benefits including cost savings and increased flexibility and functionality.

It is however a big decision to move away from a traditional system toward one operated through the internet, so we’ve taken a look at five questions you should be asking if you’re considering the change to VoIP.

When was the last time your system was updated?
Most of the technology we use in our daily working lives we change on a relatively regular basis; that could be our computers, our printers, our mobile phones and a whole host of other technology. This is understandable; these items develop over time and improve the way we work and add value to it.

The exception can sometimes be the phone system, which is sometimes rarely reviewed. A key question is therefore to ask is when was the last time you reviewed or updated your phone system? If the answer is several years then the chances are that technology has passed you by, and there could be options such as VoIP which could considerably increase the performance you have and potentially reduce the price you pay.

Will your business be expanding or downsizing soon?
Whilst none of us have a crystal ball, one thing that happens more often than not is that great people and organisations grow over time. Growth can bring with it considerable costs, not only in wages and office space, but with additional hardware and telephone lines too.

So is your organisation likely to grow, or work more flexibly in the coming years?

If so, VoIP could provide you with a way of potentially minimising those costs.

Do any of your staff work away from the office?
Does your organisation have employees based in multiple locations, working from home, on the road or in different offices? If the answer is yes, VoIP could be a big help when it comes to consolidating the cost of multiple sites and flexible working.

Employees are able to simply plug their phone into an internet point no matter where they are in the world and use their number. No additional lines, no legacy issues if a staff member leaves. Just quick plug in and then call functionality without undue technical hassle and setup.

Is your business seasonal?
Different organisations will have different communication needs; school phone systems will be busier during term times and at the start of the day, whilst dentists and doctor surgeries will also have the early morning rush.

So what needs does your organisation need when it comes to your phone system, and does what you currently have in place answer that as effectively as it could? VoIP can be configured in a near-limitless way, allowing us to make sure your phone system is working hard for you when you need it the most and in doing so lead to increases in efficiency and cost savings.

What does your business need from its phone system?
Call groups and call forwarding? Conference calling, video conferences? These are a host of features included within VoIP which can often be expensive if you use multiple suppliers. Bringing all of this functionality within the one phone system can save you time, money and also ensure things are as simple as they should be for those calling you.

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