Five essential things that make it worth investing in a business VoIP system

If you run a business and want to make things work as smoothly as possible during these unusual and unprecedented times, you’ll need technology that lives up to your needs and systems that are robust enough to deal with changing work conditions. Having a phone system that meets your needs is important, particularly at a time when more and more people are working from home.

You’re likely considering every investment even more than usual during the Coronavirus pandemic, which means that if you were to invest in new technology — like a VoIP phone system that runs through internet connections rather than traditional phone lines — you’ll want to make sure it’s worthwhile.

If you’re considering making the leap, here are five essential things that we think make the investment worthwhile.

Staff can easily work remotely — and stay connected

A worry for many places of work with staff working from home is that they won’t be able to answer office phones and keep the lines of communication open with customers and clients. VoIP phones can be taken anywhere in the world, plugged into an internet connection and will start working with minimal fuss. During the ongoing effects of the pandemic, where many people are being told to work from home, it means they’ll be able to take their phone with them.

You can also use a desktop app on your pc or a mobile app on you mobile or a combination of all of them, the choice is yours!

The phones keep the same number and ring just as they would in the office. Transferring calls also works in the same way, at the press of a button. On top of that, porting your current numbers to a VoIP system is very easy — no-one from outside the business will ever know you made the change and you won’t have to go through the rigmarole of letting everyone know your new number.

Get a conference call going to keep staff communicating

One potential drawback to having team members working remotely is that is becomes less straightforward to communicate all at the same time. With the conference call function of VoIP — which works with the press of one button — it’s easy to get several members of your team on the same discussion all at once.

Get your customers through to the right department with ease

With staff working from home, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make sure that customers get through to them as quickly as possible. The auto attendant function gets callers to press particular buttons to get through to the right department — and the right person — as quickly as possible if they’ve called a general number.

Stick with regulations and track customer satisfaction

Does your firm work in a regulated industry? The likelihood is that if you do, you’ll have to make recording of certain calls. Even if you don’t work in a regulated industry, recording calls can keep staff at the top of their game and allows you to keep an eye on how they’re dealing with clients and ensure customer satisfaction. A VoIP system allows you to easily record calls and store them in a format that you can easily play back for authenticity.

The cost saving

While providing all this added value in terms of functionality, the most important issue right now is probably related to cost. While logic might suggest that getting a new system would be expensive, savings of up to 80% on call charges and line rental will save you huge amount of money in the long term — and quickly absorb the initial set up cost.

If you’d like to learn more about how VoIP could keep you, your colleagues and your clients communicating smoothly, please give our experienced team a call on 01237 420010.


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