Exeter University Lockdown Situation Emphasises Importance of Emergency Preparedness

Last month, Exeter University when into lockdown when a student began threatening others with a handgun. The University’s strict emergency protocols were actioned, with the building put into immediate lockdown and firearms officers and a police dog called to the scene. Students, some of whom were in exams, had to be evacuated from the building as well as several other nearby campus buildings.

Thankfully, this incident ended peacefully, without injury, and in an easy arrest. But just imagine if it had been a different story; if the University didn’t have emergency procedures and protocols in place and a communications system that allowed them to alert the police and everyone else on campus quickly and efficiently.

Are you prepared for the worst?

How well equipped would you be if a similar situation occurred in your school, college or university campus? Is your communications system up to the job? We’ve been working with schools and educational facilities across the country for decades, and have become real specialists in this field, with more and more educational facilities now looking to ensure they are fully prepared for this kind of situation should it arise.

 We know that protecting the safety of your staff and students will always be of utmost importance to you. Unlike the traditional fire evacuation assembly with which we are all familiar, if your educational facility were to find itself in a standoff or lockdown situation, you’d need a way of making sure that everyone had been accounted for – and that access points were secured – without having to move between buildings or rooms.

 So what do you need to have in place?

Which is more effective in an emergency situation: a tannoy system to communicate messages across the whole site in one go; or individual handsets that allow you to contact a particular room or building discretely? The answer is both, depending on the scenario. If your phone system can’t fulfill both of these functions, are you really prepared to handle an emergency situation?

Our phone system handsets are designed to perform both as part of a larger tannoy group and as individual handsets when more discretion is needed during a lockdown situation, for example. We’re also able to link our phone systems to allow teachers to quickly highlight issues through the press of one button. The rapidness of response in these situations can often be the difference between a minor incident and a major one.

For more information on how we can help your school respond to serious incidents or just improve your daily communication please give us a call on 01237 420010.



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