Embrace True Hybrid Working with Call2Teams

If you go back just a few short years, many businesses would have been resistant to the idea of employees working predominantly from home. Fears that employees would feel disconnected from the company’s values, separated from colleagues and be less productive were understandable in a world where the majority of us commuted to work and carried it out in the same office building.

However, the last 12 months have shown us that this simply isn’t the case. Whilst some workers have missed the office environment, research suggests that large numbers feel that working from home has been more productive, more enjoyable and more engaging than braving the commute into the office. They are also able to benefit from a much better work / life balance, as long as they can switch off from that work email address sitting across the dining table!

That first leap…

What do you do when a global pandemic turns the world upside down? You have to react quickly and for many home working when hand in hand with Microsoft Teams; it offered excellent functionality to get people started with remote working collaboratively – file sharing, meeting functionality, shared workspaces and team groups to name a few – and the majority of the business world also works with Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and, well, the list goes on…

Whilst an excellent tool to keep colleagues connected, Microsoft Teams really struggled when it came to external communications with suppliers and customers from the platform. Many workers found themselves having to use mobile devices to communicate outside the company which is not ideal in terms of reliability of service or privacy if these are personal devices, as many were at that time.

The solution?

Call2Teams™. In essence Call2Teams™ bridges the gap between Microsoft Teams and a company’s telephone system. It allows workers to make and receive external calls through their existing telephone extension number in any location and through any device. It’s a real solution to Microsoft Teams biggest limitation when it comes to embracing that new hybrid working structure so many workers are craving.

How does Call2Teams™ work?

You can keep hold of existing lines and direct dial numbers and calls will continue to be routed via the existing telephone system. The integration with Microsoft Teams makes this a seamless, full service telephone solution across the business whether working remotely or in the office.

Any Device Goes
Whether it’s an in office day or you’ve set up your remote desk somewhere far away, you can make and receive calls on any device that is connected to Microsoft Teams.

Switch Between Home and Office with Ease
Workers can enjoy the same experience and same access to company data, contacts and collaborative projects whether they’re at home or in the office. As long as they have access to Microsoft Teams they can recreate the office environment anywhere!

No Wastage
Not all of your employees are going to need access to the full calling function meaning you can simply buy licences where needed rather than forking out for accounts that will sit unused.

Better yet, those Call2Teams licenses can be on a short rolling contract meaning you can easily increase or decrease the numbers as you need to grow or scale back your operation.

Please contact us on 01237 420010 to see how Call2Teams could help your business embrace the new normal.

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