Does your phone system provide your growing business with all of the features it needs?

Every business is different; they face different challenges, serve different customers and deliver different products and services. That’ll come as no surprise to you as a business owner. However, there are some common challenges that many businesses face when it comes to communicating with their customers or suppliers.

Whilst often hundreds or even thousands of emails will be sent each month, the phone is still at the heart of your businesses’ communication; it’s more personable, it’s more approachable and it can convey a point clearly in seconds where typed words could take minutes. It can also help you to overcome some of the common challenges your business faces when it comes to communicating.

Here are just a few features your phone system should have as your business grows…

Add more lines as and when you need to

When you’re looking for a phone system it can be easy to think about what you need in the here and now. However, no business stands still so it’s important that your system not only answers all of your business needs right now, but also as they grow and evolve over time.

As your business grows you’ll obviously need to add new lines and phone numbers; your provider should make this as easy as possible for you to do, without massive costs.

Add a virtual receptionist

What is a virtual receptionist? If we were to say “press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales, 3 for support” we’re sure you’ll know what we mean. Whilst you may associate this with very large companies, it’s actually a great way of connecting callers to the person they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It can save you the cost of a receptionist to direct your calls, and the time of everyone in the office as receptionist only deal with the calls that relate to their own area of specialism.

Respond to the trend of working from home

More and more businesses are adopting flexible working in order to increase productivity, reduce office costs and expand quickly – no matter whether it’s members of staff working from home or in remote offices, your level of communication with them and the outside business world needs to be at the same high level it always was.

Your phone system should allow workers to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your workforce, as well as your customers and suppliers. It should essentially be as if they were sat beside you in the office. With the right phone solution this is eminently possible, so if you do have flexible working or a sales force on the road, the right solution should bring you all together.

Direct dial telephone numbers

We’ve already mentioned the efficiency that a virtual receptionist can bring; offering direct dials can further increase this efficiency whilst also adding value to your communications and customer / supplier relationships. One of the most common gripes from people contacting any business is the feeling of being passed from pillar to post and it’s one that’s sometimes difficult to avoid as your business changes. Providing those contacting you with a direct dial is not only a sure fire way of getting them to the right person every time, but also saves them explaining their situation on each occasion they call; a definite winner when it comes to customer service!

For more information on a specialist phone system for your business please give us a call on 01237 420010 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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