BT’s move over from ISDN moves a year closer

In an unprecedented year, businesses have faced innumerable challenges to adapt how they work, sometimes simply to survive.  One thing that has become clear is that early adopters of new technology and working practices have been able to weather the Coronavirus pandemic better than those who’ve had to play catch up.

The key to communication success when it comes to the fast-moving changes we are all facing is having a robust, agile and technologically advanced phone system in place.  When BT announced their decision to switch off ISDN phone lines in 2025, we saw many firms quickly invest in making the change to an internet capable VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) phone system.  Those businesses are the ones that have been able to adapt quickly in 2020.

BT have now brought this switchover a year closer to 2024, meaning that those who haven’t made the leap yet will need to do so even sooner.

Although we appreciate how difficult it is to decide where to allocate resources in such uncertain times, there is arguably no better time than right now to invest in getting your business communications up to scratch and ready for anything.  In addition to potential pandemic-proofing, there are many other benefits to upgrading your phone system before the 2024 deadline.

Beat the Rush

Despite recent challenges, it’s inevitable that there will be a whole host of businesses that leave this switch to the very last possible minute.  Don’t let your firm get caught up in the eleventh-hour rush to upgrade.  You’ll save time, worry and money in making the decision earlier than the rest and give your teams and customers time to adapt to the new system.

Maintain Customer Service Standards

With many staff members now working from home, you’ll want to make sure that customers can still reach them as quickly and seamlessly as if they were coming through to an office line. With a VoIP system, staff can be connected anywhere they have a data connection, whether conventional broadband or through their mobile. From the outside customers will still dial the same numbers, reach the same people and enjoy the same uninterrupted service they expect.

Boost Staff Morale

Both employers and employees have seen real benefits associated with a more agile working structure including cost saving, higher staff productivity and increased innovation. It is seeming likely that many businesses will continue to keep an element of remote working even when the world returns to some normality, but it is not without its challenges.  Having staff based separate from one another can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection.  Ensure your workforce are able to communicate with one another as easily as they could across the office kitchen with an up to scratch communication system.

Reduce Costs

Although there may be some natural reluctance to invest in a ‘new’ system in the current climate, in reality this is a shift that all businesses will be required to make in the near future.  Upgrading your system now will save money in service down time from outdated technology as well as significant cost savings of up to 80% on running costs including line rental and call charges which will quickly offset any initial investment.

VoIP can help keep your business agile, flexible and communicating effectively. To find out more, give our experienced team a call on 01237 420010.

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