7 Benefits of Hybrid Working

Whether you call it flexible, remote, or hybrid working, there’s no denying that before 2020, it just wasn’t a realistic option for so many office staff across the UK.  Not due to an absence of technology – the infrastructure for home working isn’t new – rather a workplace culture that didn’t believe teams were able to communicate effectively over distance, and ultimately didn’t trust staff to be productive when not office based.

Enter 2020: the year that changed absolutely everything. Employers quickly learned that it was not only incredibly easy to set their staff up to work from home, but that many thrived under the new arrangements. It’s why some 70% of employees are now hopeful for a future of hybrid working – part office based and part home based… But why?

A greater work-life balance

The term ‘work-life balance’ has been a topic of debate for decades, especially for those juggling family and home commitments with a demanding job. For those that have previously spent upwards of 50 – 60 hours in the office each week, hybrid working has offered them a balance they’ve not previously had. A chance to spend time with the kids, to have a lunch break, but still get their work done.

Increased productivity

We’ve mentioned ‘still getting the job done’… productivity has been an interesting element of hybrid, and home working. In the past, people would tell you that employees are more easily distracted, harder to motivate and less productive when working from home. However, the past year has seen major productivity increases across a wide selection of sectors. The important factor when it comes to hybrid working may well be finding and employing the right people, because they will continue to work hard no matter where they are.

Fewer Distractions?

Although previous thinking would suggest that distractions are greater at home, the allure of daytime television vs chatting in the office is a no brainer (if you have some interesting colleagues of course!). Research has shown that office-based distractions are far greater and, well, more distracting than at home!

A bigger pool to choose from

Ever had the perfect candidate but worry about their long commute may grind them down over time? Located in a rural location that makes it hard to attract quality candidates? Having to physically attend a workplace on a frequent basis means that, you guessed it, you need to be within reachable distance to get there on a regular basis! This of course has limited the potential reach of your talent pool, something that is no longer a factor with working from home, or a hybrid and flexible way of working.

Reduced office costs 

Less people in the office of course means less space required, less rent to pay and a nicer figure at the bottom of your profit and loss account. The good news is that when it comes to hybrid working, those physical office costs aren’t moved over to IT and telephone system infrastructure costs either! VoIP phone systems have been known to actually reduce call costs, with the set-up of a new handset potentially only costing you the cost of the phone.

Our conclusionThe potential upsides of hybrid learning will make it an attractive proposition for many (where appropriate); greater productivity, lower costs, and happier staff are after all, great outcomes for a business of any size!

The good news is that it’s incredibility easy to facilitate when it comes to your phone system. If you’d like to find out more then please get in touch with our experienced team on 01237 420010 and get your business ready to embrace yet another new normal.

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