Case Study

The story of a growing
company in South Wales

Picture a three story, purpose built office block sitting proudly on the skyline of Bridgend, South Wales. A building full of staff receiving and making calls to their customers and colleagues across the country. Sounds like they’d need a relatively simple phone system?

Managing tenant calls

On the face of it an office block would appear to be the bread and butter for a business like our own. However, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. This business had a number of managed offices within their building; some tenants were keen for them to handle their calls whilst others wanted to do this themselves.
“From the outset, Equations grasped what we wanted to achieve. We have wanted changes, often at short notice, and Equations has responded to meet our needs.”

Hot desk – your number
stays with you

Imagine leaving your desk, but still taking your telephone number with you no matter where you go. This is exactly what this client required; many staff needed to move around the building or to other offices but still be available to their colleagues and customers.

This is becoming increasingly common and something we work on with many of our clients.

“It was clear from the outset that very few products could meet even the majority of our requirements’, says their Managing Director. ‘Yet, from the outset, Equations grasped what we wanted to achieve, and had a product in their portfolio that could meet our needs both initially, and as we continue to grow. Since the initial installation we’ve added eight more users and have another thirteen scheduled. Equations have handled the additions and programming changes quickly and painlessly.”

Getting to know the client’s unique set of circumstances

When you work with Equations we’ll get to know your circumstances, along with what you’re looking to achieve now and in the future so we’re able to make sure those needs are met in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

This client is a great example of that.

We took the time to understand the building; it’s occupants and how that related to other offices and what they truly needed from their phone system.

Even Listed Buildings!

“We took the opportunity to take over an endangered Grade II listed building. Not the easiest cabling job, but Equations has taken this in its stride and the site is cabled and fitted with its new telephone system, just like the first.”

“As for any technical solution, good advice from the outset is key and we got that with Equations. We have bought two telephone systems so far and have a third site planned. We won’t be going anywhere else other than Equations.”

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