Case Study

The story of a thriving
mortgage company

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, so it’ll come as no surprise that the first of our case studies involves a business we met in the early 1990’s and has grown with our phone system for the next twenty years.

In those early days we first met a man who had the drive and determination to set up and grow his own business as a Mortgage Advisor and IFA (Independent Financial Advisor).

We set about supplying him a phone system that matched his own ambitions.

What did the client need?

No business stands still, and this one was no exception. Providing a telephone system capable of handling his needs now and in the future, without massive cost, disruption or change was a necessity.

The aim was to have offices based across multiple geographical locations; our goal was to make sure the phones were never going to be a barrier to achieving this.

“Equations are wonderful. I was given clear, simple-to-understand advice and a competitively-priced entry level system that has grown with my business.”

How about the results?

One office very quickly turned into four, and four into more than 10.

The one thing that didn’t change as success grew was his phone system. We were able to scale his system without sizeable added cost. Needless to say, software updates and operational tweaks performed by our remote programming were included along the way.

From day one his growing teams were able to handle the increased levels of calls success brings. Our call centre technology meant that free agents were always available to answer calls, and they were also able to allocate certain individuals to specific topic areas; the right person for the right call had arrived.

As a key element of our support to the business we continually monitored call charges and tariffs, tweaking and adjusting to ensure they had the most cost effective system possible. We know every business is different and this one had its own set of unique requirements; understanding those meant we were always able to add value and maximise their profitability and efficiency.

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