Oct 25

Three problems call centres face and three solutions

Call centres are very busy places, so having a telephone system that suits the needs of the business, employees, and customers, is absolutely vital. There are a huge range of problems you may currently be facing in your call centre, and it may seem like there’s no way to solve them, but a large number of those problems can be easily resolved by having the right phone system, configures the right way.

From angry customers, to a sudden increase in incoming calls, there’s plenty of things that can happen, and a lot that can make the daily running of your business more difficult. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. By having the right system, your employees can become more efficient, your customers can be much happier, and your business can flourish.

Here are just a few problems that your call centre may be facing, and the solutions that could make your life a lot easier.

Sudden flurry of calls

Everything is quiet, staff are getting on with their job, then all of a sudden every phone starts ringing and customers can’t get through. People might give up if they can’t get a hold of you on the first call, and it can feel chaotic and out of control. This is where call queuing steps in. With call queuing, calling customers will be organised in a manageable order, allowing your staff to take a calls and know that there’s another customer waiting. It will also reassure the customer that they will be spoken to soon, rather than having an automated busy response.

Staff performance isn’t monitored

If you don’t have staff performance monitoring in place, how do you really know what’s going on? It’s a great way of discovering where your business can make improvements and who needs a bit of extra training or support. You may be surprised to learn that your phone system can do this, providing you with clear and concise information which you can then use effectively. are your staffing levels correct? Do you need more people at certain times and fewer at others. If you can measure it then you can manage it.

Disputes with customers and no evidence

As with any business, call centres can face disputes with customers. However, as everything is done over the phone there can often be little evidence and it becomes one person’s word against another’s. With call recording you will be able to easily access past phone calls and settle disputes a lot quicker; this is also a fantastic tool for training new staff, the stars of the future.

If there are other problems your call centre is facing, and you’re not sure how to solve them then please get in touch. You’ll be surprised how much a phone system can do.

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